“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” ― Roger Miller

There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of rain. I was trying to push myself to write, being a Monday I tend to lose most if not all motivation for life after work, but as I sat in my room and it began to rain there was nothing I could do not to…

The quote in the title serves both truly to the condition outside and my latest slump in life. With today’s thoughts, I am going to dangerously dip my toes into the waters of Online Dating… if you are any importance at all to me I am sure this shall be quite amusing.

If you were lucky enough to meet your soul mate at the ripe age of 10, kudos to you. But if you are like the rest of us… dating is one hell of a nightmare. I have had my up’s and down’s when it comes to dating. Bar scene (big mistake), friends of friends (even bigger mistake) and last but certainly not the least.. online dating. I never saw myself as a person to find love electronically. I, as any young girl, relied heavily on Disney films and the mere fact that one day Prince Charming would magically come into my life, fall in love with one look, and by now I’d be living in my castle with my 9 children and still utterly handsome husband…but of course Disney failed us and only set expectations that were too high. Yes, some lucky ladies are dealt the easy card. They have love, lose it, then magically here comes Mr. Right number 2..seriously…W.T.F

In the beginning I STRONGLY  opposed online dating. Seriously.. ask my friends.. I was fuming for about a good hour when they set me up on one. Then once the compliments started pouring in, no really the guy to girl quota on there must be quite astounding, I started to look at it in a slightly brighter light.  Granted it was boosting my ego quite a bit and it was interesting to see what else was out there opposed to a woulda coulda shoulda boy you met at a bar (always a SHOULD NOT ladies).

Now I am a shopper from birth. Anything that is my style and taste Mammas got to have it. This is no different when it comes to boys and online dating was the holy grail to finding Mr Right. Pictures among bios among pictures presented right at your finger tips. Any step closer and you’d be going all “Weird Science” and creating your perfect man and honestly I don’t have the time to sit around with a bra on my head.

Though through it all online dating has brought me joy, sadness, and a whole lot of awkwardness. Along the way though I think that it has shed light on what I am truly looking for as well as being a PRO at first dates. Needs tips.. I have a few (hundred). None the less I have yet to give up on finding my Prince Charming. I know he is out there somewhere, under the same big sky……and if he happens to have a castle, I ain’t even mad.

❤ J


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